Our Work in the Transportation Field

From traffic intersections and high mast lighting to airports and railroad yards, our highly experienced engineers, technicians, and electricians know their way around every inch of your electrical and communications systems.

Whether you are renovating an existing facility and installing the latest high-tech equipment or building a completely new facility, we can help.

Your Needs, Your Timeline, Your Budget

Our team of highly experienced electrical engineers, technicians, and electrical specialists can work with your plans or help to draft a comprehensive plan in accordance with your needs, timeline, and budget.

Transportation Services

Among the many services we offer are:

  • Installation of FAA control tower equipment.
  • Installation of ILS (Instrument Landing Systems), Runway and Taxiway Lighting Systems, including regulators, and PAPI Systems (Precision Approach Path Indicator).
  • Underground/Overhead distribution of telecommunications and fiber optics, including terminations and testing.
  • All excavation, backfill, steel reinforcement and concrete work associated with and/or for distribution systems and site lighting systems including pole foundations and equipment pads.
  • Standby Power Systems for 120/240V systems, 480V systems, including manual or automatic transfer switching and/or paralleling of system with standby power system.
  • Installation, termination and checkout of FAA furnished equipment for airfields/airports.
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Voice and Data Systems.
  • Fiber Optic Network Systems.